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This back to school, help your students become math wizards with Prodigy's game-based and standards-aligned learning platform for grades 1 to 8. 

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See how teaching math with Prodigy really adds up

Over 3 million teachers already use Prodigy Math to skyrocket engagement, help boost math confidence and help students love learning.

Save time

No grading necessary! Easily differentiate and let our adaptive algorithm highlight areas of progress.


Confidently deliver math problems and standards which align with your classroom.

Help boost confidence

Engage and motivate students to learn math in an exciting fantasy world.

Ready to take teaching math to the next level?

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Getting your class started on Prodigy is a breeze. Bring in Co-Teachers to help manage your classroom. Create your teacher account with Google Classroom or Clever and add students in less than 3 minutes. Connect parents to support at-home learning and align your class in just a few clicks.

The Assessments tool allows you to deliver Plans, Assignments, or Test Preps — a perfect complement to summative and formative assessment activities and even standardized test prep. Best of all, students won’t even know they’re completing Assessments. It’s all part of the adventure.

4 Easy steps to start your teaching journey with Prodigy

Get an at-a-glance look at student progress in your teacher dashboard or dive in deeper with one of our eight personalized reports. Use Prodigy Math’s real-time data to track student achievement, make important teaching decisions and support student learning at every point in the school year

Sit back and watch your students level up their math skills with the curriculum set by you, all in the magical world of Prodigy. They'll take on tough challenges and master new skills, with engaging math content around every corner.

Step 1

Step 2

Easily develop and deliver plans

Step 4

Watch your students have a blast learning math!

Step 3

Get real-time progress


Take teaching to the next level by aligning your classroom. It's simple, fun and the best part is, it's free!


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See how Prodigy is a game-changer and why teachers love it

Prodigy has shown me the power of game-based learning, especially for students of this generation. Prodigy has them directly doing math, and doing arithmetic in order to power up.


Tonya Clark

Coordinator of K-12 Mathematics

In Prodigy, my low-performing students can compete with my high-performing students without tension or negative consequences, which causes them to perform better.


Krystal Gibson

5th Grade Math Teacher

Prodigy is something that once they play it and they can have fun with it and they can learn from it, it boosts their confidence and puts them in a different mindset.


Mary Pehar

6th Grade Math and Science Teacher

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Prodigy ranks #1 for supporting learning, according to study.

When surveyed, 95% of teachers were satisfied with the educational impact.*

Year-over-year change in CAASPP scores was 5x greater for students 
with high Prodigy Math Game use.

Make your mark teaching with Prodigy




*In a 2021 survey with more than 700 teacher responses, about Prodigy Math.

*In a 2021 survey with more than 700 teacher responses, about Prodigy Math.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Prodigy Math cost?

All of Prodigy's in-game educational content and teacher tools are free for students and educators.

We’ll never ask educators for their credit card info, and we’ll never charge you for any of the amazing features Prodigy Math offers teachers. This is only possible thanks to optional parent memberships, which means we don't sell your data or run third-party ads.

There are lots of options when it comes to online math tools for your classroom. But do your students love playing them as much as they’ll love Prodigy Math?

Prodigy Math doesn’t just give your students a way to practice math. It turns math class into an exciting adventure filled with epic quests and unique in-game rewards.

While students play, our adaptive algorithm delivers math questions that keep them engaged without getting frustrated. Whether they’re playing at home or at school, they’ll develop a lifelong love of learning with Prodigy Math.

Why should I choose Prodigy Math?

At Prodigy, protecting the privacy of students and teachers is paramount. That’s why we’ve partnered with an independent privacy expert (iKeepSafe) to ensure full compliance with all federal privacy legislation — like FERPA and COPPA — as well as state-level legislation.

When students play Prodigy Math, no personal information or inappropriate language can be shared with or seen by other users.

Learn more about our privacy policy.

How does Prodigy protect student privacy?

We’re here to make your job as a teacher easier. That means:

  1. Allowing you to customize the content your students receive in-game
  2. Engaging students so they’re excited to learn and spend more time on task
  3. Providing you with the real-time data you need to make important teaching decisions

We always recommend taking advantage of all the tools Prodigy Math has to offer. But we also know that #TeacherLife is busy. No matter how you use Prodigy, you can rest assured that students are always answering adaptive, standards-aligned questions.

Plus, Prodigy teachers get access to our exclusive Champions Club, a VIP community where teachers can swap Prodigy Math tips and earn rewards!

How does Prodigy support my everyday instruction?