An effective and engaging game-based math learning platform designed for your school

Prodigy empowers teachers through curriculum-aligned math learning tools that connect in-class learning to at-home math practice in a fun and engaging way!


Game-based learning keeps children interested in the topic and helps recall

Millions of teachers & students worldwide trust Prodigy to make math more fun!  

150+ Million students 

50+ Global 
curricula including 

1.5+ Million teachers 

Partnered schools in India 

Prodigy is helping millions of students across the world learn math 

Learn how Prodigy helps achieve superior math learning outcomes while ensuring a fun and engaging 
experience for students. 

Prodigy has long sustainability as it caters to teachers, parents and students all at once! It's a one-stop-shop for kids to learn and have fun at the same time.

Mrs. Kavita Sinha

Principal, Nalapad Academy, Bangalore


Prodigy creates a math learning environment that benefits everyone 

For Parents

Prodigy is a safe and secure platform for children to practice math skills in an action packed fantasy adventure. The game adapts to the child’s learning style and grade. With a dedicated account, parents can track the child's progress in real-time. 

Just like a play environment, game-based learning creates a familiar, zero-stress, fully immersive environment for a child to learn in. Gaming is popular with students, which makes game-based learning a win-win approach combining fun and learning.

For school leaders 

Prodigy eases the workload of teachers in preparing assignments and grading them, improves student performance in unit tests and exams and provides a dashboard for school leaders to track usage and assess progress. 

For teachers 

Prodigy helps teachers reinforce math skills with curriculum-aligned content and unique learning experiences and paths. Teachers can set assignments, create lesson plans and administer game-based tests to help students master math skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Prodigy?

    Prodigy is an adaptive game-based math learning platform for students of grades 1 to 8. The immersive game helps students practice their math lessons and sharpen analytical skills.

  • What are the subjects covered by Prodigy?

    Prodigy is currently available for Mathematics.

  • What kind of educational content is available on Prodigy?

    Students can practice more than 2,500 math skills on Prodigy’s game-based math learning platform. The game is also powered with video lessons that help students understand concepts that they might be struggling with.

  • What are the grades covered by Prodigy?

    Prodigy is available for students from grades 1 through 8.

  • Is Prodigy aligned to Indian curricula?

    In India, Prodigy is aligned to the CBSE and ICSE curriculum.

  • How is Prodigy different from other game-based learning platforms?

    Prodigy is a one-of-its-kind platform in India that engages students through a game based approach to initiate an interest in math learning. This encourages students to engage in the topic and recall classroom lessons. Just like a play environment, Prodigy creates a familiar, zero-stress, fully immersive environment for a student to learn in. Moreover, the dashboard feature available for teachers allows them to monitor the progress of a student in real time and devote individual attention to them. Teachers can also allot assignments, homework, and tests on Prodigy.

  • How will Prodigy help students?

    Prodigy helps students overcome learning gaps and develop any affinity for math. Prodigy offers instant feedback and remediation if a student makes a mistake. Students learn at a pace they are comfortable with and Prodigy’s interactive and engaging content wards off the feeling of anxiety or fear associated with the math there by helping students improve.

  • What does Prodigy's global presence look like?

    Prodigy was launched in 2013 in Ontario, Canada. The platform has steadily become a favorite among students for its immersive interface and teachers for empowering them to track individual progress. In 8 short years prodigy has expanded to 5 more countries (India, United States of America, The United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand) and is trusted by more than 150 million students and 2 million teachers. Prodigy covers more that 50 curricula globally.

  • What does Prodigy’s India presence look like?

    Prodigy arrived in India in September 2018. Based out of Bengaluru, Prodigy is trusted by more than 70,000 students in over 500 schools. The game is aligned to the CSBE, ICSE, and IB curriculum.

  • How can my school partner with Prodigy?

    Just fill in the form above and we will reach out to you. You could take a trial or participate in friendly competitions such as Game-a-Thon where your school and students could compete with other schools and also stand to win prizes. You can also mail us at

  • How do I sign-up for a demo?

    To schedule a demo, please fill out the form above. We recommend key decision makers at a school such as the principal, vice principal, and academic director coordinator take a demo to learn more.

Teachers have so much control over the learning process of students on this platform. Students get to practice math skills which are handpicked by teachers in the form of planners and assignments. 

Anuradha Lochab 

Teacher, KR Mangalam School, New Delhi


Prodigy has tremendously helped my child in overcoming the anxiety associated with the subject Math. She got really good at Math when she started enjoying the process of mastering skills through game-based learning. 

Neha Chandran 

Prodigy parent, Mumbai