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Hit the ground learning this year with a Premium Membership

Make back to school a breeze with the engaging power of Prodigy Math Game! Take your child’s learning even further this year with a Premium Membership. 

Make math practice better than ever this school year

Collect and evolve all 100+ pets to build a team of learning buddies.

Take math skills further with access to all in-game areas.

Premium Members get it all, so learning can be an adventure all year.

Get a monthly Member Box filled with items like wands and outfits make gameplay extra fun.

Unlock more parent features — including printable Practice Sheets — to help you track and support their learning.

Parents like you are using Prodigy to make learning fun

"Prodigy is an engaging way to keep your child interested in learning new math skills and facts."

Amber Gouge


"My son actually begs me to let him play Prodigy."

Rainah Pray


"Prodigy is a great way to get kids who don't like math into math."

Caralena Luthi


Ready, set, learn! 

Add a Premium Membership to your back-to-school toolkit today. 

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Prodigy Basic

Our most basic plan

Help your child learn math and have fun in the world of Prodigy

Benefits for your kids

Benefits for parents

  • Core gameplay features
  • All in-game math content
  • Core items only
  • Preliminary pet features only
  • Parent dashboard
  • Standard reporting
  • See classroom activity and get insights
Save 25% when you buy 2 or more Memberships of the same type in one purchase. All plans automatically renew, and can be cancelled at any time.


per month

Save $44 on an annual plan ($6.25/month)

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Prodigy Level Up

Everything in Prodigy Basic, plus...

Even more features to help your child stay engaged and practicing more math!

Benefits for your kids

Benefits for parents

Access a ton of membership-exclusive gear and items for your child to outfit their character

Rescue and evolve loads of additional pets!

Access membership-exclusive game areas for your child to explore

Receive an Epic pet to help your child on their Prodigy adventures

Set goals for your child to win in-game rewards

See which questions are causing trouble

Adjust the grade level of the questions your child will encounter

Track your child's progress  through their curriculum

Send encouraging messages to your child in the game

Access curated video lessons to help your child learn concepts

Print curated math worksheets to provide additional support for your child

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per month

Save $79 on an annual plan ($8.33/month)

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Prodigy Ultimate

Everything in Prodigy Level Up, plus...

Our most comprehensive plan to help maximize fun AND learning.

Benefits for your kids

Benefits for parents

1 Exclusive Ultimate item per season.

1 Exclusive Ultimate pet per season

Set challenging goals for your child and choose from over 40 exciting in-game rewards