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Team up with your child to select their dream Rewards — together! Unlock bonus in-game items to reward their hard work when they complete their next Goal.

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Parents like you are making math extra fun 
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Parents just like you are using Prodigy to make math fun!

"Prodigy is an engaging way to keep your child interested in learning new math skills and facts."

Amber Gouge



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"My son actually begs me to let him play Prodigy."

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"Prodigy is a great way to get kids who don’t like math into math."

Caralena Luthi



40+ Premium Rewards

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And, as always, access to all 7 free items!

Baby Rex

This playful little dinosaur will happily follow you everywhere, bobbing its tiny little arms and big head.

Mystic Member Hat

This magical wizard hat is crafted specially for Members. There is no other hat like it.

❤️ 6% Bonus Hearts

Baby Rex Hood

ROAR! I'm a dinosaur!

❤️ 6% Bonus Hearts

Sky Captain Cap

Full steam ahead! Command the skies with this time-tracking captain's cap.

❤️ 4% Bonus Hearts

Tres Cool Ski Hat

Bring the winter chill with this cool knit cap and visor combo.

❤️ 2% Bonus Hearts

Red Riding Hood

A lovely, eye-catching hood that will surely scare away monsters with its bright red colour.

❤️ 4% Bonus Hearts

Flora Tropica Headband

They say the decorative flowers can only be found at the peak of the Bonfire Spire volcano.

❤️ 6% Bonus Hearts

Arc Welder Helmet

Just try to break through this tough plate of metal. Good luck putting it on, though. 

❤️ 4% Bonus Hearts

Jelly Cap

A ceremonial hat inspired by magical jellyfish.

❤️ 2% Bonus Hearts

Baby Rex Outfit

Wave your tiny arms and stomp your giant feet.

❤️ 6% Bonus Hearts

Starry Night Pajamas

Day or night, you can wear your pajamas anywhere.

❤️ 6% Bonus Hearts

Wood Knight Armor

This is made from some of the sturdiest bark around!

❤️ 2% Bonus Hearts

Snowy Snowsuit

Let everyone know you're up for playing in the snow. 

❤️ 2% Bonus Hearts

Bonfire Robes

For those who have seen the "Bonfire of the Spire," a volcanic eruption, up close. 

❤️ 4% Bonus Hearts

Captain's Digs

Don't these just scream "Arggg"? They even come with the optional hook attachment. 

❤️ 4% Bonus Hearts


A wizard once tried to see how high he could jump with these on. He's supposed to come back down any day now.

❤️ 2% Bonus Hearts

Emerald Elf Booties

These elfin shoes feel like you're walking barefoot through a field of fragrant flowers!

❤️ 6% Bonus Hearts

Shiverchill Boots

Many travelers take these boots when going to cold places.

❤️ 4% Bonus Hearts

Fire Walkers

CLUNK! CLUNK! CLUNK! Use these heavy boots to walk in the deepest lava.

❤️ 6% Bonus Hearts

Crimson Boots

These will certainly make a bold statement at your next wizarding get together.

❤️ 2% Bonus Hearts

Premium Currency

Earn these exclusive coins, then spend them at different shops around the Prodigy world. 

Premium Potions

These potions provide extra strength or protection for upcoming math battles.

Premium Morph Marbles

These marbles provide the magic players need to morph into different characters.

Confetti and fireworks

These fun free items make for the perfect celebration!

Food items

These tasty items can be used during battles.

Access 40+ Premium Rewards now!

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Starry Night Wand

This wand casts spells like a dream.

Only available through Goals

Baby Rex Wand

Don't worry, this wand won't bite. We don't think.

Only available through Goals

3 Easy steps to be part of their learning adventure

Unlock ALL Premium Rewards now!

Team up with your child

Select your child’s dream Reward before their adventure begins. Then, set a Goal so they can earn it! How many math questions should your learner answer correctly to reach their Goal?

Encourage & support their learning

Track progress and see which areas your child needs extra practice in. Then cheer them on with special in-game Cheers.

Reward them!

Check your parent dashboard or email to see if your child has achieved their Goal. Then, send them the Reward you’ve picked together! Hard work really pays off!


Mystys can be found splashing in lagoons under the light of a full blue moon.

Only available through Goals

to choose from